2009, Italy, Thailand, Mini DV, 55', col.

directors, story, film editing: Davide Arosio, Alberto Gerosa

cinematography: Davide Arosio

producer: Claudio Arosio, Eugenio Brambilla

production: Graffito Film

January 20 1995: Father Giovanni Contarin opens in Rayong the Camillian Social Center, a center for the reception and the care of abandoned and poor people affected by HIV and AIDS.

Through the testimonies of the HIV-positive orphans who after the advent of ARV treatment have been able to overcome the disease and survive, and the operators who dedicate to them every single day of their lives, it is told the story of a decade of struggles which led the Thai Society to respect human rights and dignity of children, to ensure access to essential medical care, to recognize the importance of prevention and protection, to accept HIV-positive people in a society full of prejudice.

The first antiretrovirals obtained with the smuggling, the final overcoming the hostility and discrimination in society, the gradual consolidation of a sense of family within the center and personal growth: all those events are divided by the rhythm of the children's daily life.

It is just children who demonstrate how respecting oneself and others, sharing and collaborating at every moment of life in community and the education to traditional values and beliefs can ensure a healthy growth and the reintegration into the society.

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January 20 1995: Father Giovanni Contarin opens in Rayong the Camillian Social Center...
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